Rama Police Service

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Home Watch Program


[object]Going away from home for a couple of days? If yes, you should come into our office and sign an authorization document.

This document will give police the authority to monitor your home, give trespass notices, remove and if necessary arrest in cases of unscheduled parties, unwanted guests etc. during the time the homeowner(s) are away.

In no way does the Rama Police Service guarantee that your home, while you are away, crimes will not occur. This is an extra service that will be provided as long as calls for service and officer availability permits.
If you require more information please call or come into the office.

If interested in our program and wish to participate, please print and complete the form below and forward them to the Rama Police Service at:

7450 Williams Road, Box 206, Rama, Ontario L3V 6H6

Home Watch Form.doc