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Vulnerable Sector Queries

At the request of the organization and with the authorization of the applicant, a Vulnerable Sector screening search for Pardoned Sexual offenders is conducted. This search is specifically for individuals who will be employed or volunteering in a position that requires direct contact with children, seniors and vulnerable adults, such as teachers, social workers, taxi drivers, day-care workers, adoptive parents, etc.

Cautionary Note

No screening process is foolproof. Matches on information are based on name and personal identifiers and not by fingerprint comparison. False indentification or legal name changes may conceal pertinent information.

Roles and Responsibilities

It is essential that the agencies and the Rama Police Service agree to, and understand, their respective roles and responsibilities in the screening process.

The Organization/agency shall:

  • Understand the implications of the Human Rights Colde as it applies to hiring. There should be a clear view of the types of information that may constitute a "bonafide" reason for refusing to hire an applicant or volunteer.
  • Advise each applicant/volunteer that the prosence of information provided by the Rama Police Service does not necessarily mean a disqualification from the position sought.
  • Guarantee that the applications for screening will be made only for the purposes of determining the suitability of an applicant or volunteer for a position within the group or organization.
  • Guarantee that the information received from the applicant will only be used for the purpose it was provided for and will not be disseminated or disclosed in any manner.
  • Ensure that each applicant/volunteer understands the process to which they are consenting.
  • Understand that the Rama Police Service is providing the information as a service and in no way commenting on the suitability of the person for the information sought.
  • Understand that the response to the screening request provided by the Rama Police Service is based upon personal descriptors provided and the accurancy of the process cannot be guaranteed.
  • Agree to screen only the applicant/volunteer, which has tentatively been selected for the position, not all of the candidates.


Rama Police Service will:

Provide the results of the screening process to the applicant/volunteer.

Take all reasonable steps to ensure the applicant/volunteer in the subject of the information.

Please print the vulnerable sector screening form  by Clicking here, completely fill in same and forward to the Rama Police Service in person for verification of documents and information.