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Rama Police Service Strategic Plan 2015-2018


It is my pleasure to introduce our next multi-year strategic plan on behalf of the men and women of the Rama Police Service. This plan will build upon the many accomplishments and results of our previous strategies that continue to enhance our capacity to implement and define initiatives, remain technically current, and excel in new areas of practice while maintaining existing successes.

In 2014, we initiated a comprehensive process of consultation and analysis toward the development of a 2015-2018 Strategic Plan. The plan is inclusive of the valuable perspectives of our members, community, partners and stakeholders. By planning for the future we will keep Rama Police Service focussed along a path of excellence in service delivery and long term sustainability.

Overall, this plan reinforces our commitment to our vision of…A safe community protected and policed with honour and respect. The priorities that emerged provide a proactive and holistic approach to community safety. Rama Police Service recognizes that the responsibility for safety, security and well-being within our community is a shared one. Fundamental to this concept is our continued efforts to maintain and establish new respectful relationships that evolve into collaborative partnerships.

Finally, our members fulfill all aspects of their sworn and legal duties according to our guiding principles. They are vitally important to our collective success and contribute immensely to the safety and security for all. As such, strategies to maintain a highly competent, healthy and sustainable workforce are equally important. I look forward to the years ahead and to working together to fulfill our mission of…Protecting our community with pride and professionalism;
honouring shared values and traditions; ensuring safety and security for all.


John C. Domm, M.O.M., MA, BAA, CMIII
Chief of Police
Rama Police Service

For a copy of the complete 2015-18 Rama Police Strategic Plan please click here.