Rama Police Service

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Rama Police Services Board

Police Board Membership

  • The Rama Police Services Board is comprised of 5 Rama First Nation Members.
  • The Chief and two Councillors.
  • Board Members term of appointment is three years, renewable for one term.



2021-2023 Rama Police Services Board



Photo:  Left to Right:  Ryan Stiles, Steve Miller, Sheri L. Kay, Chair;

 Sarah Snache, and Sparrow Rose

Board Responsibilities:

  • The Board is responsible for governing the Rama Police Service and for providing and implementing through the Chief of Police, planning, direction and Policy for the Rama Police Service.
  • To oversee the Chief of Police and to carry out a yearly evaluation.
  • To approve the annual Police budgets prepared by the Chief of Police
  • To develop governance policies with the assistance of the Chief of Police for the Rama Police Services
  • Board members do not interfere in individual cases in the investigations or prosecution process or attempt to influence or interfere with the duties of the Chief of Police or Rama Police Service with respect to the day to day operations. The business of the Board is independent and autonomous from that of Chief and Council.

Police Board Meetings:

  •  Board meetings are normally held the last Tuesday evening of each Month.
  •  The Board plans an annual two day workshop to review policies and training.
  •  If you wish to make a presentation or bring a concern forward please send your written request to the Chair to be added to the agenda

Board Mailing Address:
Rama Police Services Board
7450 Williams Road
Rama, Ontario L3V 6H6