Rama Police Service

NON EMERGENCY: 1-888-310-1122




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A safe community protected and policed with honour and respect.


Protecting our community with pride and professionalism; honouring shared values and traditions; ensuring safety and security for all.


In the spirit of partnership and inclusive relationships, these principles guide us in honouring each one’s uniqueness and the Creator’s gifts with dignity and respect. As members of Rama Police Service, we will:

  1. Act with humility by recognizing that we do not hold all the answers and we
  2. can learn something new from others.
  3. Treat all with dignity, respect and compassion.
  4. Promote and exercise fair, courteous and impartial judgement.
  5. Evolve through continuous learning, self-awareness and improvement.
  6. Create and maintain strong community partnerships through outreach and education.
  7. Demonstrate courage in the face of danger and uphold the law with integrity.
  8. Operate with accountability and transparency.
  9. Speak the truth, never compromising values or standards.