Rama Police Service

NON EMERGENCY: 1-888-310-1122





The green sweet grass braid represents the mind, body and spirit. The circular shape of the sweet grass represents the circle of life. Everything done in the native culture is in a circle and that is because the power of the world always works in circles. As long as the circle is unbroken, the people will flourish.

The blue background represents the water for the sacred gift of life it gives to our people.

The bear claw represents the Rama Police and their role as protectors in the community. The Ojibway Clan system is made of seven original clans and each clan was known by its animal emblem or totem and each were given a function to serve the people. The Bear represents the strong and steady police and legal guardians; they spent a lot of time patrolling the land. The claws have been situated on the outermost circle, just outside the braid, to represent our role within the community; we protect and provide safety within its borders, but remain somewhat at arm's length of the community due to our positions. The red inside the claw is a symbol of success and triumph, representative of the strength of our people and our dedication to them.

The eagle feather is a symbol of wisdom, honesty and happiness.  Eagles' feathers must be earned and often warriors were honoured with this gift. The pipes represent our spiritual values and connection with the Creator.

The medicine wheel, including the four colours, represents our Creator and the four races of man.

The inner green circle represents Mother Earth and the prominent red deer in the center represents the Chippewas of Rama First Nation being the Deer Clan.

The fire sign signifies our spirit and strength that comes from balance of everything in life.