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STEP 1: Application Process

·       You can pick up a recruitment application package at the Rama Police Service

·       Complete the application in its entirety

·       Applicants applying to the Rama Police Service are required to successfully complete all components identified in the Certificate of Results (C.O.R.) which can be obtained from the OACP Certificate CSS process at  www.oacpcertificate.ca

STEP 2: Interview Stage

·       An interview panel will ask the candidate a series of situational and behavioural based questions designed to showcase their knowledge, skills, abilities and experience. Questions will also focus on a number of foundational competencies required for the position of police constable. Cultural competency will be of importance for all candidates working in a First Nation community that is coupled with a heavy influence of cultural diversity visiting the area.   

STEP 3: Background Investigation

·       The successful candidate in the interview stage will then be subjected to an intensive background investigation. An officer will be assigned to report on the candidates educational and employment experiences as well as habits, criminal involvement, driving history, associates & friends, family members, financial credit check, social network pages etc.

·       Medical examination

·       Psychological Assessment

STEP 4: Offer of Employment / Training

·       Pre-Ontario Police College (OPC) – Orientation and introduction to policing

o   One (1) week at the Ontario Provincial Police Academy, Orillia Ontario.

·       Thirteen (13) weeks at the OPC, Alymer Ontario

o   Designed to provide candidates with a sound knowledge of the laws and procedures a front-line officer is required to apply in the performance of their duties.

·       Post-Ontario Police College – Further enhanced front-line operational training

o   Eight (8) weeks at the Ontario Provincial Police Academy, Orillia Ontario


The successful candidate will then receive an offer of employment based on the condition they successfully passed all requirements of the Ontario Police College Basic Constable Training and the Ontario Provincial Police Academy, Pre & Post OPC Training.  


POSTING DATE: "No Applications being received at this time"     


1.      Complete and submit an application form, resume and cover letter. Note: Application forms can be obtained at the Rama Police Service office. 

2.      A current O.A.C.P. Certificate of Results (C.O.R) must be provided prior to an offer of employment.

3.      The successful candidate will be offered an in-training position pending their background check and medical evaluation.

4.      The candidate will be required to enter into an intensive 13-week standardized training program at the Ontario Police College (OPC), however must be able to attend an additional 1-week Pre OPC and 8-week Post OPC at the Ontario Provincial Police Academy.

5.      An offer of police constable employment will be advanced following the successful completion of the Ontario Police College and Ontario Provincial Police Academy.

Note: Additional Information can be accessed on the following website on expectations of the written and physical testing for recruit constable: http://www.oacpcertificate.ca


·        Possess a valid First Aid Certificate and CPR Certificate (or willing to obtain prior to offer)

·        Has successfully completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent

·        Valid Ontario Drivers License in good standing

·        No criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted

·        A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada

·        Be of good moral character and habits, meaning that you are an individual other people would look upon as being trustworthy and having integrity

·        Be physically and mentally able to perform the duties of the position, having regard for your own safety as well as the safety of members of the public

·        A belief in your own abilities and judgment, and a recognition of personal limitation that arise from difficult and stressful situations

·        The ability to analyze situations and events in a logical way

·        Excellent communication skills both oral and written

·        Computer knowledge

·        Knowledge and understanding of the Ojibway language & culture would be an asset.


·        Rama First Nation Police Service is mandated to Police the Rama First Nation community as well as all incidents at Casino Rama

·        Police work is very demanding. A police constable must work shifts, including evenings, nights and weekends, at all times of the year and in all environments

·        For people who are truly interested in serving the needs of the community, police work is very rewarding. Whether dealing with the security concerns of a store merchant, talking to a senior citizen, or befriending a group of local kids, the job challenges are complex and fulfilling

·        Patrol Rama Community to ensure and maintain public safety

·        Preserving the peace

·        Preventing crimes and other offences and providing assistance and encouragement to other persons in their prevention

·        Assisting victims of crime

·        Apprehending criminals and others who may lawfully be taken into custody

·        Laying charges and participating in prosecutions

·        Executing warrants that are to be executed and performing related duties

·        Performing the lawful duties that the police chief assigns

·        Must maintain confidentiality and take Oath of Secrecy

·        Provide emergency assistance to victims of crime, accidents and natural disasters

·        Participate in crime prevention, public information and safety programs

·        Completing the prescribed training

·        Enforcement of Highway Traffic Act, all other provincial statutes, and the Criminal Code of Canada as well as other Federal Statutes

·        Perform other duties as assigned


Standardized training takes place at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario. This program is designed to provide future constables with an understanding of the policing role in society, and a sound knowledge of the laws and procedures a front-line officer is required to apply in the performance of their duties. Particular emphasis is placed on the core functions of police services as found in section 4(2) of the Ontario Police Services Act (PSA).

Crime Prevention / Law Enforcement / Assistance to Victims of Crime
Public Order Maintenance / Emergency Response

Subjects and activities covered in the training program include federal and provincial statutes, firearms, defensive tactics, fire safety, cross-cultural training, police procedures and crisis intervention. An important component of the program is physical fitness training in which candidates are required to meet specified physical fitness standards.


All Applicants will be screened according to the "Qualifications and Requirements". These areas must be met in order to be granted an interview. All applicants will be required to sign a release of information in order to secure a Criminal Reference Check, and all references will be verified. This release of information will also allow access to your staff personnel records including your most recent performance evaluation. Applicants will be required to have a medical/physical examination completed from his/her physician at the applicants' expense, which is to be obtained prior to offer of employment.


Application Form
Cover Letter, Resume
Proof of Valid Drivers Licence
Written Consent to Security Clearance Check
Valid First Aid / CPR Certificate

O.A.C.P. Certificate of Results


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